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Meeting Lending Needs When Traditional Banks Can’t

Private money loans are needed when a borrower or a property fall outside the underwriting criteria of traditional banks. Institutional banks have specific requirements for a potential borrower's credit, income and debt ratio. Because our loans are underwritten internally and funded privately, our lending criteria can be more flexible when appropriate and necessary.

Private money lending is a way to provide financing for real estate transactions by means of independent investment capital. At IMH, we base our investments primarily on the equity of the properties under consideration for loans. We focus on the quality of the properties and their loan-to-value ratios, as well as the background of the prospective borrowers.

We will consider loans for all types of real estate projects, including:

  • Land for acquisition and development
  • Commercial construction
  • Bridge loans

We have extensive experience with project types that include:

  • Acquisition and development loans
  • Construction loans
  • Purchase financing
  • Bridge Loans