IMH Family of Companies

 IMH Financial Corporation 

IMH Financial Corporation is a Scottsdale based real estate lender and investor. We believe there are attractive current and emerging opportunities to acquire whole commercial real estate mortgage loans and other discounted real estate-related assets as a result of the ongoing disruption in the real estate and financial markets, particularly in the southwestern United States. We believe that some of these assets are attractively priced in relation to their relative risk as a result of the imbalance between supply and demand in the current market environment, which has forced numerous financial institutions to dispose of both financial and physical real estate-related assets in order to meet regulatory or general capital requirements. Although we view opportunities to acquire commercial real estate mortgage loans and other real estate related assets as more attractive for new investments over the short to medium term, we believe that the opportunity to originate commercial real estate mortgage loans remains attractive, particularly for interim loans or other short and intermediate term loans that generally have terms of one to three years and are not reliant upon the immediate availability of permanent financing for takeout. We believe that we are positioned to capitalize on such opportunities as well as to remain flexible to adapt our investment strategy as market conditions change.